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Team Awards 2018
Alaska Futsal State Cup 2018
Valley Revolution 1999G
Valley Revolution 2006B
Valley Revolution 2007G
Valley Revolution 2008B
Valley Revolution 2006G
Valley Revolution 2008G
Valley Revolution 2004B
Valley Revolution 2007B
VR Team Awards 2017
Alaska State Cup 2017

Valley Revolution 06G
Valley Revolution 05G
Valley Revolution 99G
Valley Revolution 06B

Far North Invitational 2017

Valley Revolution 04/05G
Valley Revolution 06/07G
Valley Revolution 99G
Valley Revolution 04/05B
Valley Revolution 06/07B

Alaska Airlines Cup 2017

Valley Revolution 05B
Valley Revolution 06G
Valley Revolution 07/08B Real
Valley Revolution 04/05G
Valley Revolution 06B
Valley Revolution 07G
Valley Revolution 07/08B Atletico
VR Individual Awards 2017

2017 Alaska State Cup: Juggling Contest Winner

Katelynn Seibert, 2006 Girls

2017 North Star Award Winners @ Far North Invitational Tournament

07/08B - Evan Donoho
07/08G - Holly Marsh
06/07B - Michael Larsen
06/07G - Katelynn Seibert
05/06B - Brendan Heck
04/05B - Demetrios Catlett
04/05G - Ellie Schuld
1999G - Sylvia Xaivong

2017 Ina K Award Winners @ Alaska Airlines Cup

2008G - Gracie Weisz
2007B - Owen Dietz
2007B - Eli Ingle
2007G - Delany Tatum
2006G - Ella Hale
2006B - Xavior Maberry
2005B - Corey Dearborn
2004G - Zoe Witter
1999G - Ally Hull
VR Awards 2012-2016
2016 Alaska State Cup
Champions: Valley Revolution 05G
Champions: Valley Revolution 05B
Champions: Valley Revolution 99G
Semi-finalists: Valley Revolution 04G
Semi-finalists: Valley Revolution 04B
2016 Zane Cup
Champions: Valley Revolution 04/05G
Champions: Valley Revolution 6G
Champions: Valley Revolution 06B
Finalists: Valley Revolution 05B
2016 Far North Invitational

Champions: Valley Revolution 98G
2016 Alaska Airlines Cup
Champions: Valley Revolution 04B
Champions: Valley Revolution 05B

2015 Alaska State Cup
Champions: Valley Revolution 05G

2015 Oswego Nike Cup
Champions: Valley Revolution 02G
Finalists: Valley Revolution 05G

2015 Zane Cup
Finalists: Valley Revolution 04B
2015 Far North Invitational

Champions: Valley Revolution 05G
Champions: Valley Revolution 05B
Finalists: Valley Revolution 04B

2015 Alaska Airlines Cup
Champions: Valley Revolution 05B
Finalists: Valley Revolution 05G

2012 Coach of the Year (Alaska): Michael Green
2012 Administrator of the Year (Alaska): Lisa Catlett

2015 State Cup: All-State Team
Valley Revolution Players

U11 Boys
Corey Dearborn
Sammy Southworth

U12 Boys

Addison Dobbs
Demetrios Catlett
Caleb Lovejoy

U14 Girls
Grace Halstead

Valley Revolution Travel (Competitive) Teams
Valley Revolution Teams 2017-2018

2017-2018 Valley Revolution Teams
9U Boys Team 2009
10U Boys Team 2008
11U Boys Team 2007
12U Boys Team 2006
13U Boys Team 2005

14U Boys Team 03/04
9U Girls Team 2009
10U Girls Team 2008
11U Girls Team 2007
12U Girls Team 2006
13U Girls Team 2005
14U Girls Team 2004
18U Girls Team 00-03

For any players interested in playing on a Valley Revolution travel soccer team, please register online for player placements.

For questions about club philosophies, please contact:

Lisa Catlett, Executive Director:
Michael Green, Technical Director:
Mark Cascolan, Director of Coaching:
Ula Rowe, Assistant Technical Director:

Alaska State Cup Results!

WYSA Valley Revolution at Alaska State Cup, August 2017!

Valley Revolution 2006G: U11 Girls State Champions
Valley Revolution 2005G: U12 Girls State Champions
Valley Revolution 1999G: U18 Girls State Champions
Valley Revolution 2006B: U11 Boys Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to our Valley Revolution Players!

Congratulations to the WYSA Valley Revolution players who made the Alaska ODP-Olympic Development Program training pool!

2000 Boys: Agustin Mendoza

2002 Girls: Brooklynn Carver, Nicole Catlett, Sylvia Xaivong

2004 Boys: Demetrios Catlett, Seth Herrera

2004 Girls: Madison Andrew, Kayley Hutchings, Grainne Rogacki, Zoe Witter

2005 Boys: Zachary Cheyette, Teigen Dowd, Aiden Irsik

2005 Girls: Kinzey Hutchings, Tatum Porter, Ellie Schuld, Trinity Tatum, Kaylani Ugalino, Chloie Weimer

2006 Boys: John Sava Catlett, Quinn Dowd, Aiden Kent, Tristan Popa, Tyler Swartz

2006 Girls: Ayla Ertekin, Abigail Hill, Katelynn Seibert

2007 Boys: Owen Dietz, Finn Hofmann, Eli Ingle, Porter Johnson

2007 Girls: Isabella Schuld, Maya Tirpack

We look forward to all of our players developing in the game of soccer and reaching their full potential!

Valley Revolution Program Guidelines

Here are a few Valley Revolution program details to assist parents in determining if this program is the right fit for their player and family...

Travel vs Competitive:

We find that the term "competitive" is used locally, often inaccurately, to describe a level of play for young teams and players.  Competition will naturally be present whenever there is a contest with a winner.  So recreational, developmental and travel soccer, are all competitive.  However the difference between these three programs is the type of coach (volunteer vs licensed), training environment (including session duration, frequency, and activities) training calendar/cycle, and travel distance necessary to find appropriate quality of match play.  Valley Revolution travel teams will be composed of players who not only have natural athletic ability, but are committed to training to acquire necessary skills to be successful on the pitch, and are committed to traveling distances appropriate for age division and level of development.  

Player Invitations:

After player assessments at tryouts, players will be sent invitations to join Valley Revolution or a suggestion to participate in the WYSA developmental program, or other appropriate alternative.  Then the invited players must reply to the invitation, committing to participate until August 2018. 

Player invitations include fee chart, to aid families in their decision to accept spot in the program.  You may also email  to request a fee chart.

Thank you SPONSORS!
Tryout & Travel Registrations
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    Licensed Coaching Staff

    Michael Green
    Technical Director

    USSF National A License
    USSF National Youth License
    NSCAA Premier Diploma
    NSCAA Youth Diploma

    Mark Cascolan
    Director of Coaching

    USSF National B License
    USSF National Youth License

    Ula Rowe
    Assistant Technical Director

    USSF National B License

    Technical Training & Staff Coach:
    Yordanys Hernandez

    Num Tindle
    USSF National D License

    Frank Anderson
    USSF National D License

    Lisa Catlett
    USSF National D License

    Rachel Gernat
    USSF National D License

    Paige Bosen
    USSF National D License

    Rayce Cole
    USSF D License Candidate

    Jackie Donley
    USSF E License

    Goalkeeper Training:
    AK Goalkeeping, Kaleb Kuehn
    USSF E License

    Medical & Liability Waiver


    Please bring signed waiver to tryouts.